Monday, August 21, 2017

Ruth Fow the Savior of Humanity!


       Hey  lovely  fellows ,

        hope   and  pray   that   all   of   you  are  enjoying  the   view   of   your   lives   by   looking   through   the 

 WINDOW   OF   GRATITUDE!    and  realizing   that   no   matter   how  bad   the   weather  is   and   no   matter   how   dull   the   mood   you   have   right   now   there   are  numerous   people   in   this   world   who   are    suffering   with    serious   and   bigger   problems   than   you  and   still   are   more   grateful   for   what   God   has   given   them  .

Last    night   we   heard   in   news    about   a   German   lady  doctor   Ruth   pfow   who   died  in  age   of  87   on  10th   of  August   in  Agha  Khan   Hospital   Karachi   while  dealing   with   many   health   issues.

Doctor's   put  her  on   ventilator  but  she   requested  to   remove   it  because   she   wanted   to  live   through    natural   resources. 

Doctor   Ruth   fow   was  a nun   and   dedicated   her  life   for   the   patients   who   suffered   with   leprosy .   She   born   in  1929   in  German  city  Leipzig . Her   house   was  ruined   during  second   world   war   and  she   moved  to  the  west   Germany  and  chose  medicine  as  career .

In  1957  she   joined  Catholic   order  as  she  was greatly   influenced  by  a  German  book"Lord" by  Romano  Guardini .

Order  sent   her  in  southern   India  later  .She   came   to   Pakistan   's   biggest   city   Karachi  in  1960 .  
She   travelled  in   distant   areas   of  country  .She   saw   people   who  were  abandoned  from  their   families  for   leprosy .She   decided  to   help   those   people .

In   age   of  31   1960   she   decided  to   stay   in   pakistan   and  serve   the   miserables  .In   1963   she    founded   a   Marie  Adelaide   Leprosy   Center   in   Karachi   where  patients  came   from  all   over   the   country  even   from  Afghanistan   .In   1979   she   was  appointed   Health  advisor  in  health   ministry   by   govt  of  Pakistan .  Through   her   struggles   she   collected   the   donations   from   Pakistan   and  Germany .

She   received   many   awards  and  citizenship   of  Pakistan  in  order   to  acknowledgment   of  her  services    .Due   to   her   continues   efforts   in  1996    The   World   Health   Organization   declared  Pakistan  one   of   the  first   country   in   south   Asia   who   have   controlled  leprosy!

On   19th  August   her   body  lay  in  state  ahead  of  state  funeral   which   was   held  in  Saint   Patrick's  Cathedral .  Her   coffin   was   draped   in  Pakistani   flag   and  19   gun  salute  was   offered   by   contingents  of   all   three   Armed  forces  of   Pakistan .   the   ceremony  was   broadcast  live  on  national  t.v.

Dear  friends  hope  you  like   my   sharing  of   today  as   for  me   people  like  doctor  Ruth   Fow   are  more   then   superheroes     who   chose   really   hard   way   of   life   and   leave   behind   the   remarkable   example   of   selflessness   and   sacrifice  . She   reached  eternity  through  her   pure   spirit   and  will  in   so   many   hearts   and   prayers   for evr!!!

Live   gloriously  like   a   shining   sun  who   shower   life   upon   earth  by  burning  itself  .
or    a  shady   tree   that   stand   selflessly    under   te   sun   no   matter   how   hard   the  sunlight  is   and   gives   peace   and   serenity    to   other   who   sit   under   it!

Nature   has    designed   only   one   religion   for   SUCCESSFUL    SURVIVOR 


God   Bless   You   ALL  dear   Friends!!!   

Friday, August 18, 2017

Story of Eid ul Azha and visit to Local Market


     Hello   My  Precious   Fellows!

     Hope   and   pray   that    Life   is   behaving  sensibly    and   if  not   you   know   well   how 

  to   bring   on   track   as   you   been   brave   and   wise  in   most   of   your   doings   so   i   

strongly   believe   you   can   handle    all  brilliantly !

     Here   in   my   world   around   it   is   almost    celebration   time   again  . Our   homeland  's   70th   birthday    passed   some   days   ago   and    the   other   one   of   biggest  even   is   almost   her    which   is   called  The  Big   Eid  in   common  but   it's  it's   proper   name  is  Eid  UL   Azha.

It   is   event  which   muslims  celebrate   regarding   in   the   memory   of   on   of   our   prophet   who   dreamed   that   God   commanded   him   to   sacrifice    his   most    precious   thing   for   him .

When   prophet  Ibrahim   woke   up   and   told   about   his   dream   to   his   dearest   son   Ismaeel    he   asked  his  father     that   what   is   your  most   precious   thing   father   

Ibrahim   said "you"   The   son   said   then   you   must   obey   your   god   who   loves   you   more   than   you   love   me.

Ibrahim   laid   his   dear   son   on   ground   and   cut   his   throat    with    dagger    but     God   accepted   his   love   and   obedience  and   replaced   the   Ismaeel   with   a   sheep  .

On    this   special   day   muslim   sacrifice   animals   and   distribute   their   meat   among   poors    to   PLEASE   God!!!  

 Government   declare   3      holidays     .     Every   body   wear   new   clothes  ,visit   friends  and  relatives  and   go   to   favorite  picnic   places .

Preparation   starts  month   ago    though  i   do    re clean   or   you  can  say  wash   whole   house  including   doors  windows   kitchen   bathrooms   to    give  myself   a  fresh   feel   of   breathing  in  tidy   house.

We   shop   for   kids  ,clothes  ,shoes   ,watches   capes  etc   .

So   last   week   we   went   to   local   market   to  purchase  shirts   and   pants  for  kids  from   local   market  .Today   sharing   with   you  some  pics  to   give  you  glimpse   of  our  local    shops .hope   you  will    find   them   interesting   though  i  took  these  very  quickly  so most  are blurred .

beautiful fancy dress for ladies 

It  was  5pm evening so was not much rushy  ,in night it gets crowded  and one find hard to walk  

Unlike  islamabad  here mostly ladies use  a full body wear which called BURKA i only wear  scarf  only  which is long and wide  enough  to   cover 

You  can  see the stuff belong to Pakistan's birthday 

 crockery  ,toys ,ladies and kids fav place ,below too  

Water canes and water coolers  and lots of plastic stuff  for kitchen  and related to cleaning 

do you have same shops out there ?

Artificial  jewelry shop not  the higher one ,just ordinary which  i found less crowdy to take shot 

Artificial  decoration  plants  shops
Hubby in white on right with shopping bag in hand and younger son asad  in blue  ,youngest was stick with me as usual   
our  local  market  has lots  of   stuff carts  which occupy the walking path from both side ,bikes get ban when it is crowdy times specially  when  such special days  are near 

peach  on cart 

Some  selected  shirts

View of  inside  market from shop .

We  left almost 9 pm  and had only ice cream   as it was quite hot  weather and walking made us more exhausted.

That  's  all  for  now   friend!

Please   take   great   care  ,stay   positive   and  happy  to   make  your  world  vibrant   and  alive!!!

God   Bless  You   ALL!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pakistan's 70th Birthday!!!


     Hello   Dear   Friends!

   Hope   and   pray    that   all   of   you   are   having   pleasant   time   and   enjoying   your   weather's   different   moods   and   as   well   as   your   doings!

  Tomorrow    is   14th   of   August   and   national   holiday   because   Pakistani   nation   is   celebrating   the   70th   birthday   of   it's    country!

All  images  below  are taken  from  google help.

I   am  in  love  with  this  man  since   my  childhood  who   fought   for   the   freedom   of   our   nation   and   won   the   case   in   court   of Lord   MountBatten   on  14th   of  august   1947!

He  is   our   greatest   leader   and   father   of   our  nation .

It   is   his  Tomb   where  people  visit  from all over the  country  everyday  though   but   on   this   special   day   there  are   held   special  event   with  great   enthusiasm  and    sensation!!!

 In   every   national  institute  ,schools ,colleges  ,universities  and  public  places  national   events  are  celebrated  .Pic  above   shows  the  Freedom  Walk   of  ladies  on independence day

  These   were   the   three  main   ingredients  and  RULES  of   our  greatest  lead Mr  Muhammad   Ali  Jinnah    which  are   mentioned  in   each   government  building   and  educational  institutions   though   hope   people   won't   only   write   them   but   apply   them  in   their   individual   lives   to   create  better   "PAKISTAN"

This   is  Minar   e  Pakistan  which   was  built  to    commemorate    the   day   when  Pakistan  resolution   was  passed    on  23rd  march   1940 .The  place  called  Minto  park   Lahore   then.

lahore   is  capital  city   of   Pakistan  and  most   papolous  city  of   the   province .This   view  is   of  Badshahi  Mosque  Lahore  On  14th   august.Lahore  has  many   more   historical   places  regarding  Mughal  Heritage  who  ruled  subcontinent  for  several  centuries.

I   really   wish   that   inhabitants   of   this   beautiful   land   take   higher  our   flag   not   just   literally   but   in   REAL   MEANS   of   HIGHET   of   Morality   and   Virtues!

These   children   may   just   sing   only   by   their   lips   but   through   their   hearts  ,May   their   Mothers   and   Teachers   develop   the   love   of   not   only   the   land   they   live   but   love   of   people  they   live   among  .Love   of   whole    humanity   must   be   rooted   in  the   depth   of   their   souls!

                          Traditional   punjabi   Dance   on   independence   day !Dance   of   joy   and   celebration   that  come  from   within!

 Patriotism   is   inherited  in   blood   of   each  human  ,no   matter   how   tough   life   he   is   leading .Freedom   is   most   precious   gift   to   a  soul!!!!!!!!!

Love   you   my   precious   fellows .
Stay    blessed   with   true   happiness  that   comes   with   self respect  ,dignity   and   selflessness .
God   Bless   you   All!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Question

       Hello   my   precious  fellows .

        Hope   and  pray   that   you  all   are   having   wonderful   time   with   your   families   and    

              friends  and   weather   is   being   friendly   too  at   your   part  of  this  globe!

       I    am   a  person  of   time   and   world   when  almost   each   3rd  person  is  dealing  with    

             health  issues   so   do  i  .

         I   am  anemic   and  take   vitamin   supplements    since  many  years  .

       I   suffered   with   stomach   ulcer   for  14   years  unknowingly  and  when  knew  went   under

       treatment    for   3   years   and   still  taking  some  medicines   for  this.

         Unlike   my  mom  i   often  suffer  with  low  blood   pressure ( she got high)  but  never  get  any   treatment  

         for  this  until  now .
         I   feel   sick   when   i   sit   for   long  .Any   kind   of  physical     or   mental   activity   keeps

         me   feel  fit.

        I   have      quite   a   big   house  with  3  big   furnished   rooms  and  a  10  by  10   kitchen   along   with   four   bath   rooms  .

I   manage   to   keep   my   house   clean   which  is  quite  a  task  as  we  live  in  sandy   area  where

  air   keeps    bringing     lots   of   dust   during  the  day .

I   cook   and   when  kids  get   back   from   school   and  after  lunch  and  rest  start   their

 homework   i  sit   with   them  to  supervise ,   as  they  need  me  to  do  this   regularly .

   While   doing   all   this   i   feel   happy  and  biggest   feeling   that  i   get  from  all  this  is   being  "USEFUL"   for  my   family  .

    I  am   introvert   though   but   having   a  well  extended  family  of   in   laws   makes  me  to 

 give  them   occasional    visits   too   and  i  do  it  happily ,neither    of   these   responsibilities  bother  me   except  one   thing   guess   what  

  Putting   a   news   paper   for   hubby  on  dining   table   or  couch  ,  WHY?????

  Because    while   doing   it    i  feel   something    crawling  in  my   stomach .   Even   i   avoid  to   looking  at   it

   as  it  is  scorpion   or   snake   which   will  bit   me.  .

Same   situation   i   feel   when   hubby   put  a  news  channel   and   so   many  terrible   happenings   attack  on  my   nerves   through   ears  and   it  makes   me  wish  that  may  be  i  should  lost   my  auditory   ability   for  while  .

My   question   is   that  


I   believe  that   this  habit   creates  many  upsetting   harmons   to   human   brain   because  most  of  news  are   horrible   and  terrify   our   mind  with   curiosity  and  fear.

Brain  cannot   perform   in   proper   way   and  our   all   systems  including  digestive     system  specially   get   affected  by   it  which   results  in  numerous  diseases .



 Hope   you   guys  will  share  your   thoughts   over  this  so  can  find  what  you  think  or  say  about  it.

Dear   friends  signing  off while  saying  that  take  Great  Care   of  Yourself  ,Stay  Happy  and  Positive .If   you  BELIEVE  in  yourself  NOTHING   IS  STRONGER   THAN  YOU!

GOD   bless  you  all!!!